Nellie is a dedicated real estate professional who embarked on her career in 2019 after gaining three years of valuable experience in administration. Her expertise lies in managing maintenance, ensuring that properties are well-maintained and provide a comfortable living experience for renters.
Having completed year 12 in 2016, Nellie laid the foundation for her journey in the real estate industry. She combines her practical experience with a strong educational background to excel in her field.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Nellie is passionate about renovating and building houses. She finds immense joy in breathing new life into properties, restoring them to their original charm. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is also important to Nellie, and she finds solace in going to the gym. By staying fit and balanced, she brings a positive energy to her work and personal life.
In the real estate industry, Nellie's goal extends beyond property management. She believes in building long-lasting connections and ensuring that renters, owners, and everyone involved has a professional and successful experience. Trust and positive relationships are at the core of her approach.
Nellie is a driven and experienced professional who is committed to providing exceptional service to her clients. With her expertise in managing maintenance and her passion for transforming properties, she is dedicated to making a positive impact in the real estate industry.