Compulsory Safety Checks

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and its regulations came into effect on 29 March 2021, imposing significantly more safety and compliance obligations on Victorian rental property owners and property managers.

The following is now compulsory under Victorian rental laws:

  • Smoke alarm servicing each year, including testing, battery replacement and positioning checks
  • Gas safety checks every 2 years on all gas fixtures and fittings such as heaters, cooktops, water heaters and the mains gas line
  • Electrical safety checks every 2 years of all electrical appliances, fixtures and fittings, such as switchboards, power points and lights switches

Gas and electrical checks are specialist services requiring licensed tradespeople who need to complete the services in accordance with the regulations. Additionally, record keeping obligations are extensive and we are required to disclose a range of matters relating to these services to renters at the lease commencement date and upon request.

To view the CAV information regarding the smoke alarm checks please click here

To view the CAV information regarding gas and electrical safety checks please click here