Minimum Standards for Rental Properties

Under new rental laws, rental providers must ensure their rental property meets certain minimum standards relating to the safety, privacy and amenity of the property. If the rental property does not meet the minimum standards, the following may occur:

• Renter can end the rental agreement before they move in

• Renters can request an urgent repair to make the rental property meet the minimum standards at any time after they move in

• Rent may be ordered to be paid into the Rent Special Account if the landlord is in breach of providing the minimum standards

• Compensation is paid to the renter

The penalty for not complying with the prescribed rental minimum standards is 60 penalty units and the rental provider’s name and property address being publicly listed for 3 years on the Consumer Affairs Non-Compliance blacklist.

Please note, some of the rental minimum standards will require the assessment and opinion of a suitably qualified person. 

To view the full rental minimum standards list, click here.

Why can’t my agent sign off on this compliance?

Although your Property Manager is quite knowledgeable, they are not experts in the building/maintenance field, therefore they will not be able to sign off on any compliance-related requirements at your property. It is the rental owner’s responsibility to meet these minimum requirements, therefore we recommend engaging a relevant qualified person to ascertain compliance, if there are any requirements you may be unsure about.