Renter Information

Renter Transfer

A Renter transfer (previously known as a Tenant transfer) is defined as one Renter (an originally approved Renter) wanting to replace themselves on the lease with a new Renter. It is important to know that the new Renter must not move into the property until they’ve submitted an application and its been approved by the owner. Please contact your Property Manager who will be able to provide more information on this process and the fee associated with it.

Pet request form

If your tenancy was not approved with a pet a Renter must complete a Pet Request Form. Once the form is completed and returned to your Property Manager it will be passed on to the owner for their review and approval assuming the pet is suitable for the property. If the owner doesn’t feel the pet is suitable for the property they may make an application to VCAT to decline the pet request.

Lease break

If a Renter needs to vacate the property before the lease expiry date due to a change in circumstances this is considered a lease break. Costs associated with breaking a lease include:

  • Rent payable up until a new Renter commences their lease
  • Pro rata letting fee
  • Advertising fee (If applicable)

A Renter is required to provide in writing their intention to break their lease and advise a vacate date. Your Property Manager will respond confirming your obligations and start the process to lease the property to a new Renter. 

Direct debit

If your direct debit details need updating Bendigo Real Estate require a new Direct Debit form to be completed and emailed to your Property Manager. Please reach out to your Property Manager who will issue a new Direct Debit form to be signed electronically. Once the form is returned the account information in our system will be updated.


A Renter is required to provide a minimum of 28 days notice in writing of their intention to vacate. This can be simply communicated by an email directly to your Property Manager providing the exact date that you intend to vacate the property.

The Property Manager will confirm your intention in writing which will also include the rent owing to your vacate date, a checklist of items to assist in the vacating process to ensure the property is returned in a similar condition to when the lease commenced and a list of our recommended cleaners. 

To have your bond returned quickly, our recommendation is to ensure you have left the property consistent with the condition report provided at the commencement of your lease.