At Bendigo Real Estate we pride ourselves on our innovation and forward thinking, we are always researching new upcoming programs that help us service our Landlords: 

Property Me: Trust Accounting & Property Management

This is our newest change within the department, by allowing us to have a cloud base business which provides access to our office no matter where we are or what time of the day. 

We will also be launching our Landlord Portal in first half of 2020, this will be able to give landlords live access to their financial statements, invoices, maintenance, end of lease, to name a few. 

Inspect Real Estate:

This makes running opens and advertising your property streamline. Tenants are able to book times to attend your property when it suits them, no more property managers standing at the front of properties for no one to attend. 

We can see how many online enquires, tenants interested in attending and how many will be attending. 

We also send email reports and feedback from each inspection, this means you are always informed during the leasing period. 

Inspection Express:

For detailed condition reports and routine inspections, this is our inspection application. This allows us to take photos and write comments about every section of your property, so we are able to give you exact information on the condition of your investment at the beginning, through out and end. 

Therefore, we can keep you informed, be pre-emptive on all issues before they become a situation.